Big Rock Goals

Each of the Big Rock goals related directly back to one of our Six Pillars.

Purposeful Discipleship

Provide focused training and discipleship for the men and women of the church.

Compelling Community

Lead our church members to love selflessly and grow in commitment to one another.

Courageous Evangelism

Develop a culture of outreach and evangelism within the church family.

Purposeful Discipleship

Create a formal plan to build out the biblical counseling ministry.

Passionate Worship

Prayerfully seek out the next Director of Worship.

Small Rock Goals

The Small Rock goals will, ultimately, support the completion of the Big Rock goals.

Bold Preaching
  1. Identify critical needs to address in the annual preaching plans
  2. Evaluate opportunities to memorize Scripture corporately
Passionate Worship
  1. Evaluate ways to improve key ministry opportunities during the year (Christmas, GF, Easter)
  2. Lead a full review of our worship song list
  3. Look for opportunities to train up student worship leaders and involve them on Sundays
  4. Provide opportunities for parents and kids to worship together
Fervent Prayer
  1. Look for ways to grow the prayer and fasting ministry
  2. Provide resources for accountability for personal growth in prayer
  3. Cultivate different ways for the congregation to pray for one another
Purposeful Discipleship
  1. Develop a multiplication plan for the small groups
  2. Provide opportunities for men/women to gather for mutual ministry and accountability
  3. Consider offering teaching that addresses specific issues for each gender
  4. Emphasize each disciple a disciple-maker and facilitating intentional relationships
  5. Create a training pipeline for small group and other ministry leaders
  6. Create a discipleship pipeline for lay leaders for preaching, prayer nights, worship team, etc.,
  7. Lead each member to plan for tangible growth in each of the six pillars
Courageous Evangelism
  1. Review and determine next steps for local and global missions work
  2. Identify key partners for both local and global missions’ opportunitie
  3. Evaluate where church-planting fits into our mission’s strategy
  4. Look for ways to serve as a church body or in family units
  5. Connect small groups with a long-term service partner
  6. Provide opportunities to practice evangelism
  7. Create connections within our community to identify and meet pressing needs
Compelling Community
  1. Rejoice regularly in the spiritual growth in the church through testimonies and other avenues
  2. Empower individuals to start and lead ministries or ministry events
  3. Cultivate a heart of hospitality within the church
  4. Encourage an attitude of serving and meeting needs within the body
  5. Identify opportunities or events each year for the whole body to build relationships
  6. Look for opportunities to partner with other like-minded churches

Review and make determinations on a website redesign and software utilization (F1, PCO)

2022 Initiatives

Bold Preaching
  1. Preach through Judges and the Pastoral Epistles to facilitate discipleship, godly leadership, and protect against the dangers of living by our own desires
  2. Preach through Ruth, Song of Solomon, and a topical series to train us up in biblical roles and develop godly practices within relationships
  3. Develop a preaching workshop to strengthen our preaching team
Passionate Worship
  1. Gather quarterly on 5th Wednesdays for worship and prayer as a church family
  2. Cultivate a congregational emphasis to our corporate worship
  3. Facilitate worship within small groups
Fervent Prayer
  1. Gather quarterly on 5th Wednesday worship and prayer nights as a church family
  2. Introduce our supported missionaries and challenge church family to be supporting them in prayer – build out website, signups for newsletters, etc.,
  3. Incorporate monthly prayer emphases into church gatherings
Courageous Evangelism
  1. Develop the current door-to-door evangelism team in Grimes
  2. Consider having an evangelism training workshop
  3. Encourage ministries to facilitate opportunities for evangelism
  4. Provide digital and physical resources to equip our body and encourage evangelism
Purposeful Discipleship
  1. Cultivate a dependence on the Word through annual Bible reading plans and Fighter Verses scripture memory resource
  2. Provide a resource for individuals to plan for spiritual growth
  3. Encourage folks to have a 5-3-1 mentality (5 for prayer, 3 for evangelism, 1 for discipleship)
  4. Promote next-generation discipleship through the Truth78 curriculum
Compelling Community
  1. Encourage entire church family to participate in Family Chats to strengthen our community
  2. Foster hospitality in our body through regular application in sermons and SG curriculum
  3. Promote “one anothers” by bringing them into our regular church vocabulary and practice