2023 Initiatives

Bold Preaching
  1. Preach through Hebrews and overviews of the Old and New Testaments to equip our people with a high view of Christ and an understanding of God’s grand plan of redemption
  2. Preach through 1 Peter, biblical communication and conflict resolution, and stewardship of the gospel to prepare us to live winsomely in a hostile world
  3. Implement a preaching workshop to strengthen our preaching team
Passionate Worship
  1. Promote weekly worship playlist to prepare the body for Sunday
  2. Help form a biblical perspective on worship through worship night teaching videos
  3. Consider ways to encourage ministry leaders/parents to model passionate worship
  4. Teach songs that cover biblical truths that are not currently found in our song catalog
Fervent Prayer
  1. Restart the after-service prayer ministry
  2. Provide monthly prayer emphases through our six pillars and spiritual disciplines
  3. Encourage church members to regularly pray for one another (either in person or via the membership directory
Courageous Evangelism
  1. Develop the current door-to-door evangelism team in Grimes
  2. Encourage everyone to invite at least one person/family to church each quarter
  3. Look for opportunities to grow our missions engagement and involvement across the church
Purposeful Discipleship
  1. Encourage folks to have a 5-3-1 mentality (5 for prayer, 3 for evangelism, 1 for discipleship)
  2. Strengthen small group ministry by raising up additional leaders
  3. Produce or provide discipleship resources such as podcasts, conferences, online trainings, etc.,
Compelling Community
  1. Encourage the body to be on the lookout for new visitors and welcome them
  2. Look for ways to strengthen the 11am service (reopening Harvest Kids, etc.,)
  3. Multiply small groups to effectively serve new attenders