Giving Tree

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Christmas Giving Tree

What is a Giving Tree?
As a body of believers, one way we can show Christ’s love to our church family is to meet their physical needs. The Giving Tree allows people who need assistance to submit needs and for others in our church to meet those needs.

How do I submit a need?
All needs must be submitted through the form below by November 25. Once you have completed that form, someone will contact you. Needs submitted after November 25 will not be accepted for this year’s Giving Tree.

How do I fill a need?
You will be able to fill needs December 2-16. Please follow these steps to provide for the need you choose.

  1. Choose a need from the Giving Tree in the Church Lobby by removing the Ornament Tag from the tree

  2. Take your Ornament Tag home and fulfill the need

  3. Wrap and attach your Ornament Tag to your gift

  4. Return it to the Giving Tree by December 16

Printed instructions are available at the Giving Tree in the lobby.

Can I choose more than one need from the Giving Tree?
Yes, you can! Please attach each Ornament Tag to each gift separately.

Can I submit more than one need?
Yes, you can! Each need will be processed, and not all needs may be accepted. Once you’ve submitted your need(s), someone will contact you regarding it.

Can I fulfill a need with cash/check?
Cash and checks can not be accepted through the Giving Tree project. Any need that may require a monetary fulfillment should be met through a gift card.

Is this process anonymous?
Each need that is submitted is processed confidentially. Once it is approved, it is anonymously fulfilled through the Giving Tree.

What type of needs can I submit?
You can submit monetary and non-monetary needs. Some example needs are: medical bills, home repairs, clothing, food, etc.

  • Submit a Need

    If you need to submit more than one need, you can submit them all on one form.