2024 Initiatives

Bold Preaching
  1. Grow as a church in loving the entirety of God’s Word, developing a depth of biblical understanding, and valuing the grand redemption plan of God through a study of Isaiah.
  2. Strengthen our walk with God by evaluating the warnings and assurances provided through the Johannine Epistles (1-3 John).
  3. Preach several topical series to address areas that need sharpening, such as views of the conscience, of God’s Word, of the character of God, and of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Implement a preaching workshop to train up men with this desire and gifting.
Passionate Worship
  1. Take steps to have hearts and minds engaged in all the elements of the worship services (intentionality, anticipation, humility, preparedness, application).
  2. Train up the next generation of worshipers by modeling passionate worship.
  3. Produce and consume resources to help our church worship throughout the week (playlists, song reminders, etc.).
Fervent Prayer
  1. Cultivate a culture of regularly asking for prayer and eagerly praying for others.
  2. Utilize prayer journals, membership directory, and other resources to encourage personal prayer habits.
  3. Share testimonies of God at work through prayer
Courageous Evangelism
  1. Grow the Witness on Wednesday ministry in participation and organization.
  2. Everyone invite at least one person/family to church each quarter.
  3. Provide training and resources to equip our body in evangelism.
Purposeful Discipleship
  1. Cultivate a 5-3-1 mentality (5 for prayer, 3 for evangelism, 1 for discipleship).
  2. Actively participate in a small group to help one another mature in the faith.
  3. Evaluate whether to start a mid-week Kids’ Ministry.
  4. Produce and consume resources to strengthen personal walk with God (audio/video/print).
Compelling Community
  1. Pray through our membership commitment at Family Chats to cultivate a high level of commitment to the Lord and his church.
  2. Grow as a church family in practicing hospitality.
  3. Read the Recovering the Gospel series (Paul Washer) and bring it into conversations.