Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan 2023

We desire to become students of the word, which means spending time with the word.

For Men: Join us as we read through the Bible in a Year using the YouVersion plan: OWNit365. This is a 6 day a week plan with Sundays off. You will have 2 readings per day - one in the Old Testament, along with one from the wisdom books or New Testament. Another bonus is the Family Reading Plan at the end of each day. This portion encourages families to read scripture together.

For Women: Join us as we go through the New Testament using the YouVersion Plan: OWNit365 New Testament (NT) + Plan. Instead of reading straight through the New Testament, the NT + Plan is strategically divided into reading based on authorship. Five days a week, you’ll read one chapter in the New Testament. On the sixth day, you’ll read a chapter in the Old Testament that was referenced in the New Testament reading that week to give you context for its New Testament emphasis.

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