Harvest ACBC Certification and Coaching

Receive practical coaching from certified counselors as you pursue your ACBC certification

Phase 1: Learning
  • Attend Track 1: Fundamental Course (2 options)
    • Attend the Biblical Counseling Training Conference (BCTC) Track 1 in Lafayette, IN ($199-$279)
      • Pastor Nick plans to take a group to the BCTC every year (2nd week of February)
    • Attend a Track 1 virtual conference hosted by either ACBC ($100) or FBCM ($249) throughout the year
  • Read 1,000 pages of ACBC approved reading material (see list here)
    • At least 300 of these pages must be from the Biblical Counseling & Theology category
    • We will provide you with a suggested reading checklist to track your progress
    • We have enough resources in our church library and counselors’ libraries to meet your reading requirement
  • Counseling Observation (10 hours total)
    • Watch the ACBC approved counselor observation videos
      • Meets the 10 hours requirement
      • Highly recommend taking notes from these sessions on best practices or questions you have
    • Work with Harvest’s Counseling ministry to observe or be an advocate in counseling sessions
      • Total of 10 hours
        • The expectation would be that you would continue observing until you have met the 10 hour requirement
      • A sheet for taking notes will be provided and the counselor will interact with you after each counseling session
  • Track your reading and observation progress with the logs provided on ACBC’s member portal
Phase 2: Exams and Evaluations
  • Begin working on the ACBC theology and counseling exams
  • Meet with your coach once a month to track your progress on the exams
  • Submit final exams to ACBC for grading ($100 grading fee)
  • Submit character references to ACBC via the member portal
Phase 3: Supervision
  • After you pass your exams:
    • Work with Harvest Counseling to choose a fellow to supervise your counseling
    • Notify the ACBC office once the Fellow has agreed to be your supervisor. (No hours may be counted before you have received approval to begin Phase Three from the ACBC office.)
    • Please be aware that supervision fees could range from $650-$800.
      • Please speak with Harvest Counseling about options for subsidizing this cost.
    • Complete 50 sessions (of at least one hour length) of supervised counseling.
      • Counseling supervision is often completed remotely via email and telephone.
      • You will need to complete and send your supervisor a Case Report for each counseling session.
      • At least 10 sessions must be with the same counselee
      • Audio record a minimum of 5 sessions to review and discuss with your supervising Fellow.
      • You must finish the 50 sessions within one year.
  • Meet with and review each case report with your supervisor.
  • After you have completed 50 sessions of counseling that your supervisor is satisfied with, he will submit a recommendation for membership.

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