Chris Zepp

Lay Pastor

How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ
When I was 31, a friend at work began to talk to me about how Jesus Christ loved me and wanted to have a personal relationship with me. While I had grown up attending church, I had not heard that message and had completely rejected all things faith-based. Through my friend’s persistence, a local men’s group, and my wife’s prayers, God broke through the concrete surrounding my heart and called me to Him. God as forgiven me much and continues to sanctify me daily as I stay in His Word, stay in prayer, and worship at Harvest.

What I do at Harvest
In addition to serving on the Pastor Board, I serve on the Security team and help teach the older youth in Harvest Students.

Why I do what I do at Harvest
I love serving at Harvest for many reasons. It is about shepherding; the security of the flock is a major duty of a shepherd. Helping teach in Harvest Students allows me to speak truth into our young people as they develop their relationship with Jesus. He has given me so much; how can I not give my time and energies back to Him.

What I do in my spare time
My spare time is spent with my wife and family and coaching high school football and track. My wife and I are blessed to have all our grown children living close. We love doing things together, whether it’s work or play